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Resources for School Boards

The list below offers a selection of practical information designed to help a school board and its superintendent carry out their responsibilities.

School Board Procedures

Orientation: Building the Board Team Publication helps school boards orient new members and build the new team.

Foundational Principles of Effective School Governance — Six principles that describe the work of school boards.

Code of Conduct for Members of School Boards — Statement adopted by the IASB Board of Directors (1976) espouses high ethical standards for boards of education and individual board members. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

School Board Self-Evaluation -- Flier explains benefits of a school board self-evaluation and how the help of an IASB staff member enables a school board to monitor its own performance. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Understanding Illinois Personnel Records Review Act — This booklet explains the requirements of the Illinois Personnel Records Review Act and provides some forms to aid compliance. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

School Board Meetings and Records — Requirements of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act and the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Publication explains what school districts must do to comply with state laws governing public meetings and records and offers guidelines on how to do it. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Board/Superintendent Relationship

The Superintendent Evaluation Process — Evaluating the superintendent means establishing clear expectations and then agreeing on how performance will be measured against those expectations. This pamphlet offers a framework and best practices approach to assist boards in developing their superintendent evaluation process. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)


Recruiting School Board Candidates — For school boards interested in cultivating their next generation of local leaders, this packet of brochures is designed to help recruit prospective school board candidates. This material is intended to support an ongoing process of identifying, recruiting and mentoring future school board candidates, whether at the next election or during an appointment process.

Community Relations Tools

Connecting with the Community — Helps school boards and superintendents understand what community engagement is, why it is critical, what they can expect to accomplish, and how to evaluate the results.

Other Resources

School Design Data File — Database that provides searchable content on school design projects.

IASB Membership Guide — A brief summary of the Association, including purposes, programs, services, activities, and governance. Explains what members get for their dues. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

IASB Constitution and Position Statements — These documents present the constitution and the current Delegate Assembly resolutions of the Illinois Association of School Boards.

IASB Beliefs Reiterates Association belief statements adopted over the years by the Delegate Assembly.

IASB Publications — Describes books, reports, and periodicals available from IASB. Many of these resources may be downloaded from this website. Others may be ordered via the IASB Online Bookstore.

School Law — IASB staff work to provide member school districts with the information they need to function effectively. Most of that information includes legal issues, directly or indirectly. The office of general counsel provides a wide range of resources to IASB members.

More IASB Resources


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