Superintendent Evaluation Instruments

Sample Superintendent Evaluation Instruments

IASB Field Services Directors are often asked if they have a “superintendent evaluation template” they can share with a district.

The IASB Field Services department has been reluctant to provide a “template” because it is believed that each district’s situation is unique and that the development of a superintendent evaluation instrument needs to reflect the district’s distinct culture, mission and goals.

An instrument such as this also needs to be collaboratively developed between the board and its superintendent. And, it may change as the board-superintendent relationship develops, or as situations or circumstances may warrant.

In order to assist districts in thinking about the development or revision of their own evaluation instruments, IASB has prepared several sample superintendent evaluation instruments (see below). The instruments provided are those used in IASB LeaderShop workshops, or those IASB has encountered through work with member boards in Illinois.

While there is no “perfect” or “one size fits all” evaluation instrument, the instruments provided here meet the following criteria:

  • Can assist a district “where it is.” For example, not all districts may yet
    have established district goals. This may be the case, for example, when a new superintendent comes on board. In such a situation, the board may want to base the first year’s evaluation on how the superintendent has performed vis-à-vis professional standards, or a limited number of short-term goals. A district with a veteran superintendent may not be interested in measuring performance against professional standards, but only on progress towards district goals.
  • Must be consistent with IASB’s beliefs about best practices.
  • Must connect with some of the concepts in IASB’s publication, “The Superintendent Evaluation Process,” revised 2017.
  • IASB staff would be comfortable supporting the use of this type of
    instrument in member districts.
  • Such an instrument would assist a board and its superintendent in
    furthering the conversation regarding superintendent performance.

Each sample is accompanied by a brief explanation of the focus of the instrument, when it might be appropriate and what, if anything, might need to be added to make it a more comprehensive document.

Superintendent Evaluation Form One: Performance against professional standards and district goals
Superintendent Evaluation Form Two: Performance against district goals and demonstration of leadership skills
Superintendent Evaluation Form Three: Performance against professional standards (AASA) and district goals
Superintendent Evaluation Form Four: Performance against district goals, job description and professional standards (AASA)
Superintendent Evaluation Form Five: Performance against district goals only
Superintendent Evaluation Form Six: Performance against professional standards

School boards interested in these sample instruments or the superintendent evaluation process are encouraged to contact their Field Services director with any additional questions.