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Guide to Staff Resources

IASB Staff Email Addresses

IASB Organizational Chart (PDF)

Although the IASB staff is housed at two locations - Lombard and Springfield - it's still just one Association. And for all practical purposes, it's just one office.

Call 630/629-3776 and - for all practical purposes - you get the same office as when you call 217/528-9688. And vice versa. Either number reaches staff in both locations.

So call the Area Code nearest you to cut your toll charges and use the following extensions to reach the person or department you need. Or just punch 1100 for the Receptionist.

Annual Conference
  Panels 1103
  Pre-conference workshops 1103
  Other conference programs 1140
  Registration, housing and exhibits 1115
Awards Programs
  Master School Board Member 1103
  School Board LeaderShop Academy 1103
  Award plaque sales 1117
Board of Directors 1140
Business Affairs 1145
Communications Director 1121
Council of School Attorneys 1231 or 1236
Delegate Assembly resolutions or credentials 1132
Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium 217/525-0310
Executive Director 1130 or 1143
Field Services Staff (Division activities/meetings; board self-evaluations, team building, goal setting, customized workshops and related services)
  Reatha Owen (Susan O'Donnell) 1116
  Laura Martinez (Cindy Rispens) 1245
  Larry Dirks (Chelsea Reimann) 1117
  Perry Hill, IV (Kathryn Larson) 1215
  Patrick Rice (Jenny Harkins) 1118
  Barbara B. Toney (Nancy Johnson) 1263
General Counsel 1231
Illinois Energy Consortium 1/847/567-3051
Illinois School Board Journal
  Advertising 1115 or 1111
  Editor 1104 or 1121
  Subscriptions 1108 or 1131
Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus (ISDLAF+) 1/800/221-4524
Illinois School Licensing Cooperative 217/787-4342
Insurance/Risk Management Programs sponsored by IASB
  Property-casualty insurance pool 1/800/654-9504
  Unemployment claims control program 1/800/888-8277
  Workers' Compensation Trust 1/800/654-9504
Legislative Services 1132
Membership records, dues 1142
National School Boards Association 1143
Policy Services 1154 or 1232
PRESS (policy updating service) 1154 or 1232
PRESS Editor 1226
PRESS Plus (policy maintenance) 1154 or 1151
Production Services (printing, mailing) 1156 or 1110
Property-casualty insurance pool 1/800/654-9504
Publications of IASB 1108 or 1131
  Director of Publications 1121
  Book orders and subscriptions; free pamphlets, kits 1108 or 1131
Public relations/media inquiries 1137
Receptionist 1100
Resource Center (library, online research, public data files) 1105
Superintendent search service 1217
Service Associates of IASB 1131
Unemployment claims control program 1/800/888-8277
Workers' Compensation Trust 1/800/654-9504
Workshops and other IASB Training Programs
  Workshop development and planning 1127 or 1213
  Workshop coordination, logistics 1103
  Workshop registrar 1145

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