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Accessing and Using the IASB Member Database

As part of our continuing effort to offer premier membership service and value, the Illinois Association of School Boards launched a new member database system in 2016. The purpose is to provide board members, school officials, school districts, and others with the resources, tools, and functionality to effectively transact and monitor how they do business with the Association.

The system allows district administrators (district staff with the designated authority) the ability to update the district and board information. It also facilitates event registration, various purchases, and payment of invoices and other transactions.

The system will allow members to

  • Create and access their membership profiles;
  • Update their profile and contact information;
  • Access PRESS policy reference subscriptions;
  • Monitor and submit Master Board Member points;
  • Monitor and submit LeaderShop Academy credits;
  • Purchase items from the IASB online bookstore; and
  • Register for events, workshops, meetings, and other educational activities.

The following guidance resources are can assist individuals with navigating and using the IASB member database. The guidance includes tutorial videos, step-by-step instructions, illustrated guides, and FAQ documents.

Those needing additional assistance should contact IASB at 217/528-9688, ext. 1100.

School Board Members

Superintendents and Recording Secretaries

PRESS subscribers

Conference Registration


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