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IASB Policy Services Staff

For information about any aspect of IASB Policy Services, feel free to get in touch with any of the staff members listed below.

Cathy A. Talbert
Associate Executive Director
630/629-3776, ext. 1234

Brian Zumpf
Policy Consultant
630/629-3776, ext. 1214

Angie Powell
Policy Consultant
217.528-9688, ext. 1154

Boyd Fergurson
Policy Consultant
217.528-9688, ext. 1125

Ken Carter
Policy Consultant
630/629-3776, ext. 1210

Lin Bremer
Administrative Assistant
630/629-3776, ext. 1232

Linda Cala
Administrative Assistant
630/629-3776, ext. 1227

Christine Crilly
Administrative Assistant
630/629-3776, ext. 1239

Julie Niewinski
Administrative Assistant
217.528-9688, ext. 1151

Breanna Rabacchi
Administrative Assistant
217.528-9688, ext. 1119


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