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Resolutions Adopted


School as Polling Place Reimbursement

BE IT RESOLVED the Illinois Association of School Board shall support legislation that amends the Election Code and the School Code to mandate that the appropriate officer or board having responsibility for providing a polling place for the election reimburse the school district for any costs, including cost of security to ensure student safety, in acting as a polling place which estimated costs shall be provided to the appropriate officer or board in advance of any decision to use a particular public building in order to ensure the efficient use of public resources.

(Submitted by Indian Prairie CUSD 204)

PARCC Testing Results

BE IT RESOLVED that the Illinois Association of School Board shall petition the Illinois State Board of Education to fairly report discrepancies in the scoring of state required standardized testing: 1) between paper and pencil versus electronic test results AND 2) within the electronic testing method. Further, that such discrepancies will be made public so that schools may provide said information to parents and media when the resting results are reported as required under state law.

(Submitted by Altamont CUSD 10)


2.50 No Penalty for Under Levy

The Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation that allows school districts to levy an amount less than the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL) formula would allow without penalty in future years. This would require that when a district “under” levies, the district will have the ability to reassess the reduced levy taken in a given year and recover the full entitled levy for a period of 3 years from the effective date of the reduced levy. A district will not be entitled to reassess the reduced levy once the three-year limit has expired. that the full allowable extension amount be tracked and made accessible in future years.

(Submitted by Naperville CUSD 203)


The Delegate Assembly also reaffirmed the following existing position statements:

Position Statement 2.27 State Authorized Charter School Funding

(Submitted by Woodland CCSD 50)


Energy Savings Contracting

The Illinois Association of School Boards believes school boards should employ competitive bidding practices for upgrades in technology and energy savings and should also provide energy savings contracting model policy and training opportunities for school districts.

(Submitted by Ball-Chatham CUSD 5)


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