Administrative Professionals' Program

This professional development opportunity is designed to enhance the roles and skills of the individual(s) in every district who perform the duties of the school board secretary or administrative assistant. The two-day training includes breakout panels, a general session speaker, networking with other administrative professionals, and the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one appointment with an IASB policy consultant. These sessions are developed to build knowledge and grow professional skills for both those who are new on the job, and those who have many years of experience.

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Build knowledge, Grow Professional Skills, and Network with Peers

Dates and Location
The Administrative Professionals' Program will be held at the Swiss├Âtel on Friday, November 19 and Saturday, November 20.

Registration Information
All attendees must be paid registrants for the 2021 Joint Annual Conference; however there is no extra cost for this program. All individuals registered for Conference as an administrative professional are invited and encouraged to attend this unique professional development opportunity.

The full program schedule with presentation topics and times is available in the Administrative Professionals' Program flyer.