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Sale of Student Constructed Homes

BE IT RESOLVED that the Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation that amends statutory guidelines outlined in Section 5-22 of the Illinois School Code to allow a school district the initial option to advertise, list, and sell a structure, constructed or renovated by students as part of the its curricular program, by other means than the sealed bid process (i.e.: Sale By Owner, Licensed Real Estate Agent).

Charitable Tax Exemption for Hospitals

BE IT RESOLVED that the Illinois Association of School Boards shall support legislation which requires hospitals to meet constitutional standards as a charity in order to qualify for property tax exemptions.


Position Statement 2.27 State Authorized Charter School Funding

The Illinois Association of School Boards shall urge adoption of legislation which would create a new methodology for the funding of State Authorized Charter Schools which would not have a negative financial impact on the host district. With respect to State authorized virtual charter schools, further limit the withholding of State funds from host school districts in proportion to the per pupil expenditure used for building maintenance, classroom supplies, transportation, safety and security, and other costs unique to “brick and mortar” schools. For all State-authorized charter schools, require that proof of continuing enrollment and attendance be submitted quarterly, with prorated refunds to the host school district upon withdrawal of students from the charter school.

Position Statement 2.20 School Construction Grant Program

The Illinois Association of School Boards shall continue to support the current School Construction Grant Program and its provisions for grant applications, grant entitlements, grant awards, and local school district authority to select architects, engineers, contractors, and laborers. All school districts with an approved school construction grant entitlement shall be paid the amount of the entitlement in its entirety before a new school construction program can be implemented. School districts shall receive a priority ranking within 90 days of the end of the current year’s application cycle. The Illinois State Board of Education shall priority rank, by grant year, all school districts that have been waiting for longer than 90 days for school construction grant funds.

Belief Statements

The Illinois Association of School Boards believes that effective local school board governance is vital to the success of our public schools and urges local boards of education to abide by IASB’s Foundational Principals of Effective Governance, avoid real or perceived incidents of impropriety, and adopt policies or procedures to ensure that board members and elected board officers have no conflicts of interest.


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