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Conference Panel Handouts

Handouts (PDF Word documents or PowerPoints) from many of the panels presented at this year's Joint Annual Conference are now available at the IASB Members Only website .

Panels with online links to their materials are listed by the panel title and hotel/room name. The panels appear in chronological order of the Conference; by day and the time slot they were presented. The only exception to this order is the board secretaries' panels. Those materials are listed after all the other panels.

Note: panels are only listed if materials have been submitted. Additional panels and their online materials will be posted as they are received.

The links to these panel materials will be posted until September 1, 2016. All materials may be downloaded as PDF files. To download, just click on the desired document.

Access to the Members Only website is limited to board members, superintendents, and secretaries who have a member ID number that is contained within the IASB database of member districts. Access is free; however, users must set up an account with their member I.D. number.

All Conference attendees will have access to the panel handouts from November 30 to December 31, 2015. Use the seven digit ID number (begins with “2”) located at the bottom corner of your conference badge to create an account on the Members Only website .

How to access the site

Access to the site begins by locating the Members Only URL. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to the home page. In the upper left corner of the vertical blue navigation bar is a drop-down menu for logins. Click on the "IASB Members Only" link.
  • The other method is to type in the Members Only URL address in your web browser. The address is (do not include "www" before this URL).

The next step is to register. This requires the member’s seven-digit Member ID number and their last name. This number appears on the mailing label of all materials sent to IASB members, and begins with "2".

After completing this step, members need to set up an account with an email address and a password of their choosing.

All Joint Annual Conference resources are be listed under the “Annual Conference” tab toward the top of the page.


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