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Ronald E. Everett Distinguished Service Award

Illinois ASBO Award Goes to Lake Forest Official

Allen Albus, deputy superintendent of finance and operations for Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 and Lake Forest High School District 115, was recognized during the Third General Session of the 81st Joint Annual Conference as the winner of the 2013 Ronald E. Everett Distinguished Service Award.

Each year, the award is presented to commemorate Everett’s 24 years of dedicated service as executive director of Illinois ASBO and his accomplishments in the school business management profession. The Illinois Association of School Business Officials present the award to an individual who has exhibited “diligence, superior performance, and achievements in service to the school business public” throughout their career.

Unfortunately, Albus was unable to attend the award presentation. In presenting the Everett Award, Illinois ASBO President Hillarie Siena described Allen as “one of the best and brightest in the profession. He is a mentor, a friend and a leader.”

Albus served on the Illinois Association of School Business Officials Board of Directors from 1999-2006. He was Illinois ASBO president from 2004-2005, and is currently a trustee for the Illinois School District Liquid Asset Fund Plus.

In an interview earlier this year, after being named the Everett Award recipient, Allen said he considered Ron Everett to be one of his mentors.

“Members and Service Associates of Illinois ASBO are some of the highest caliber individuals you could ever find. To receive recognition that is named after a personal mentor, and from an Association of individuals that I hold in the highest esteem, is truly the highlight of my career,” he said. “It is something that I will always cherish, and forever be grateful for.”


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