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Third General Session

Third General Session

Henry Gives Rules for Better Schools, Better Lives

A standup comedian’s timing with a profound service-oriented message was presented in soothing Southern style at Sunday’s closing session as Dale Henry kept his audience laughing with a two-point plan to succeed in education and in life.

No believer in seven-step “to do” programs, Henry, a former teacher and superintendent, encouraged his audience to try to “do two less things.”

His presentation capped the three-day weekend of the 2012 IASB/IASA/IASBO Joint Annual Conference in Chicago, sending conference attendees home with an unforgettable message of service to others, supported by a few great stories.

Three awards also were handed out at the session, honoring individuals for outstanding service as board president, secretary and superintendent.

Debra Williams, of Arlington Heights School District 25, was named the 2012 recipient of the Holly Jack Outstanding Service Award for district secretaries. She, along with Ron Moehring, the 2012 Thomas Lay Burroughs award winner, and Jane Westerhold, recipient of the 2012 Superintendent of the Year Award, were humble as they thanked their leadership team and their families for all the support that enabled them to excel in their separate areas of district service.

Service to schools and districts also was a characteristic of the featured speaker.

Henry, who began his career as teacher, later became a school district superintendent in his home state of Tennessee, before transitioning into a career as the founder and president of Your Best Unlimited, a Tennessee-based training company, and into public speaking.

Henry’s biggest piece of advice to the attendees was to follow one simple rule in their work in service to schools: “Never say, ‘It’s not my job’ and never say, ‘I wish I had’.”

He said it is crucial that school leaders remember they are in positions that serve the public, and they must therefore act like public servants. Henry said life has taught him many valuable lessons including, “you serve well, you do well.”

Said Henry: “The real role of all of us on this planet is to serve, not to be served.” It’s a point he illustrated by holding both arms straight out, first with the palms facing up and later palms down. Only one way works for long, he said, and that is in the attitude of serving, not taking. “You were meant to serve,” he concluded.


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