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CPDU Credits Available for Conference Attendance

Certified Illinois teachers who were either registered conference attendees (board members) or registered guests of attendees are able to receive Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU) for their participation in the 2011 Joint Annual Conference.

This year, 157 teachers took advantage of the offer. That is 30 percent more than 2008, the first year that the conference provided CPDU documentation for attendance.

The State Teachers Certification Board has approved IASB as a certified CPDU provider for the annual conference. That means that any certified Illinois teacher who was registered as a conference attendee or a guest may receive 12 CPDU credits for attending the full conference.

There is no cost to board members; however, there was a $50 handling charge for non-board members who qualified for CPDUs and who attended the conference as guests.

Evidence of Completion (ISBE form 77-21B) and Evaluation (ISBE form 77-21A) Forms were available for pick-up at the conference registration desk in the Hyatt during regular registration hours.

The forms are no longer available; they were only available to be picked up at the conference. However, completed evaluation forms (ISBE form 77-21A) may still be returned to qualify for credit.

The completed forms should be mailed to IASB, Attn: Bobbie Sturm, One Imperial Place, 1 East 22nd St, Suite 20, Lombard, IL, 60148.


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