School Board Delegates Vote on Advocacy Priorities

School Board Delegates Vote on Advocacy Priorities

November 18, 2023

The Illinois Association of School Boards held its annual Delegate Assembly on November 18, 2023, at which member boards of education vote on resolutions submitted by the membership. Adopted resolutions establish the advocacy priorities and legislative direction of the Association.

Two resolutions were approved via delegate vote; 417 delegates voted. A measure that would request the Illinois legislature consider legislation providing educational funding to all school districts to offset the cost of a school resource officer was approved.

Also approved was a resolution for IASB to support changes to regulations to return licensing requirements and driver trainer liability back to pre-February 2023 levels at minimum; allow local training and testing for bus driver candidates; and increase the transportation reimbursement rate from the State of Illinois.

In addition to setting legislative priorities, IASB delegates elected the Association’s next president and vice president. The new president of the IASB Board of Directors is Mark Harms (Flanagan-Cornell Unit District 74). Harms was previously the Association’s vice president and replaces Simon Kampwerth (Peru ESD 124) who completed two terms as IASB President. The IASB Vice President is Tracie Sayre (Triopia CUSD 27, Concord).

The Delegate Assembly received Kampwerth’s president’s report and a report to the membership by IASB Executive Director Kimberly Small, J.D. IASB Treasurer Tim Custis (Washington SD 52) presented the Association’s financial report.

The Delegate Assembly is held annually in conjunction with the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. Each resolution is originally proposed by a member district, reviewed by a 21-member Resolutions Committee, and then brought before the Delegate Assembly for discussion and vote. A FAQ on the IASB Resolutions Process, including the 2023 Resolutions Committee Report, is available on the IASB Advocacy website.