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Where to Call: Your Guide to Staff Resources

IASB Staff Standards

Just click on the name of any member of the IASB staff to send a message. To reach staff members by phone, call 217/528-9688 or 630/629-3776 and enter the extension number listed to the right of each person. ALL extensions can be reached from either phone number, so use whichever phone number costs less from your location.

Executive Director

Association management, membership relations, records and dues, board of directors, NSBA relations, job fair, annual report and sponsored programs. Includes offices of Meetings Management, General Counsel, Advocacy/Government Relations, and Executive Searches.

Meetings Management

Conference registration, housing and exhibits, board of directors.

Executive Searches

Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Business Manager, and Principals searches.

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Office of General Counsel

Advises and represents IASB in legal matters, leads staff of the policy services division.

Legal Services

Council of School Attorneys and policy reference education subscriptions.

Policy Services

Sample policies and procedures, policy manual development, administrative procedure projects, online policy manual publishing, paperless board meeting and documents management service.

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Advocacy/Governmental Relations

State and federal legislative representation, Delegate Assembly and member resolutions, Statewide School Management Alliance, legal calendar, new school laws, digest of bills passed, IASB position statements, and advocacy.

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Administrative Services

  • Jennifer Feld -- Associate Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, ext. 1152

Association fiscal affairs, bookkeeping, Springfield building management and reception, information technology, and database management.

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Member Services

Board Development

Workshop development and management, Master School Board Member program, School Board LeaderShop program, annual Conference panels, online calendar.

Field Services

In-district workshops and visits, school board self-evaluations and goal-setting, division events and governance, educational administration relations.

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Communications/Production Services


Website management, book development, research and surveys, marketing and advertising, media relations, news clippings, library resources, magazine, social media, Service Associates, annual school design competition and database.

  • Gary Adkins -- Director/Editorial Services/Editor, School Board News Blog, ext. 1138
  • Theresa Kelly Gegen -- Director/Editorial Services/Editor, Illinois School Board Journal, ext. 1104
  • Jennifer Nelson – Director/Information Services, ext. 1105
  • Heath Hendren – Director/Editorial Services, ext. 1109
  • Britni Beck -- Administrative Assistant, ext. 1131

Production Services

Graphic design, typesetting, printing, bindery, and book orders.

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Where to Call: Your Guide to Staff Resources


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