Administrative Procedures Online

Web-publish the district’s administrative procedures manual at a separate link from the web-published board policy manual using the Administrator Procedures Online (APOL) annual subscription service. The service allows administrators to efficiently communicate the procedures that implement board policy to appropriate district staff. A subscription to School Board Policies Online (SBPOL) is required prior to subscribing to APOL.

An Administrative Procedures Online subscription includes:

  • Conversion and online publication of the district’s current implemented administrative procedures manual.

  • Interactive links from each of the procedures directly to legal references, cross-references, and external websites.

  • Branding of the district’s APOL webpage with district-specific logo and color scheme.

  • Rapid updating of submitted updates.

  • Unlimited access, storage, and updates.

  • A search engine designed especially for school board policy and administrative procedures manuals.

  • District administration login credentials providing access to an archiving feature and multi-district searching capability.