Alvarez v. Williams, 2014 IL App. (1st) 133443 (2014).

Eligibility to hold office

Individual Board Member Interests
Case: Alvarez v. Williams, 2014 IL App. (1st) 133443 (2014).
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An individual challenged a ruling that his prior conviction for forgery made him ineligible to hold the office of a school board member because it is an “infamous crime.” Illinois prohibits school board members who have been convicted of infamous crimes from holding office.

Interestingly, while this case was being decided, the school board member’s forgery conviction was expunged. However, because that fact did not exist while the case was being appealed, the court held that it was not relevant to its review. This fact leaves the question open as to whether this individual will now be eligible to hold the office of school board member.