Castillo v. Hobbs Mun. School Bd., (C.A.10 (N.M.) 4/8/09).

Civil Rights - School administrator's liberty interest in good name

Administrator Contracts
Case: Castillo v. Hobbs Mun. School Bd., (C.A.10 (N.M.) 4/8/09).
Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2009

[Note: The following case has no precedential value in Illinois but is posted because it is a topic of interest to school officials.]

An assistant principal's liberty interest in his good name and reputation, as related to his employment, was not infringed when a tape-recorded sexually-explicit telephone conversation he had with his secretary was disseminated.

The assistant principal's employment was not terminated, and he was allowed to fulfill his one-year contract. He was later offered a position as a first-grade teacher, but then he secured a position as an administrator in a different district.