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Improving Memoranda of Understanding
for School Resource Officer Services

IMPROVING MEMORANDA OF UNDERSTANDING FOR SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER SERVICES was written for school attorneys by IASB Asst. Gen. Counsel, Kimberly Small. It was published in the Oct. 2013 NSBA Inquiry & Analysis, a publication for the National Council of School Attorneys. The article's goal is to assist for school officials, local law enforcement agencies, and school attorneys review or create their memoranda of understanding (MOU). Currently, many school officials and the communities they serve are increasingly concerned about how to balance school safety needs with students' constitutional rights. Achieving an appropriate balance is critical to avoiding litigation and to achieving an environment focused on student learning. In addition, communication and coordination can help reduce the troubling flow of young people into the criminal justice system as a result of relatively minor school discipline issues better left to school officials.

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CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of the article (pdf). Reprinted, with permission, from Inquiry and Analysis. © 2013. National Association of School Boards. All rights reserved.

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