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School Design Data File

The IASB Resource Center contains more than 3,000 books, nearly 500 serial titles, and several special collections. One of these special collections is the School Design Data File. This searchable database contains entry form data, illustrations and commentary for more than 500 entries in the annual Exhibit of Educational Environments at the Joint Annual Conference over the past 25 years.

Design professionals who submit entries to this juried competition are invited to display their projects at the Conference. Once the Conference concludes, each entry is entered into the School Design Data File, a service developed by IASB for its Service Associates organization and available for use by IASB member school districts and their architectural firms.

The purpose of the database is to provide school officials and their architects with a place to look for ideas and insights into the current "state of the art." Information provided by the designing architect for each project can be searched on a wide variety of variables in easy to use pull-down menus.

Searches can be conducted using the following categories and criteria:

  • Type of project : Historic preservation/renovation; Major addition or adaptive reuse; Major addition to existing building; Major Renovation; Minor Addition; New addition and remodeling/renovation; New addition to existing building; New building; Remodeling/renovation; Special project under $4 million or single space; Unusual environmental or physical plant challenge
  • Primary use of facilities : Administrative; Athletic or recreational; Instructional (school); Instructional and administrative; Other
  • Grade level : Early childhood (Pre-K and K only); Elementary (Pre-K to 8); High School (9-12); K to 12
  • Student capacity : Under 100 students; 100-499 students; 500 to 999 students; 1,000 to 1,999 students; 2,000-plus students
  • Location: by county
  • District: by name

After selecting any one category, the database will respond with the total number of projects meeting the selected criteria in that category. Each project will be listed by: Name of project, District, Capacity, Grades, IASB division, County, City location, Project category, Design firm, Primary use, Awards, Completion year, and Entry year.

Note: You can choose multiple categories; however, this will limit the number of projects that meet all of the criteria. Some searches may also yield no results.

After identifying one or more projects that meet the criteria requested, the requester can then contact the IASB Resource Center to receive a complete data report for each identified project and copies of a narrative text and/or illustrations that were supplied by the architectural firm relative to the project. Districts or architects may also choose to directly contact the district or design firm listed in the project.

Additional information about the School Design Data File is available by contacting the IASB Resource Center, ext. 1105, or by emailing

Those seeking information about the Educational Environments Exhibit should contact IASB Communications, ext. 1131, or by emailing

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