2022 Equity Immersion

First Equity Immersion Goes “All In for Equity” 

Hundreds of participants declared themselves “All In for Equity” at the inaugural Equity Immersion event at the 2022 Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. A Friday afternoon of guest speakers, table conversations, and interviews covered issues important to school leaders traveling on individual and district equity journeys. 


Enthusiastic participants enjoyed music, engagement, and networking. The energetic atmosphere also included lunch, a photo booth and signing wall, a passport activity for visiting with vendors, and prizes for attendees. Topics at the Equity Immersion were aimed at ensuring the needs of each and every student are met, regardless of existing factors that create barriers to student success and included social and emotional learning and supports, trauma sensitivity, unconscious bias, empowering stakeholders and more. Attendees gathered information on equity audits, the educator shortage, and school safety and security with an equity mindset.  

At the conclusion of the event, Nakia Hall, Ed.D., IASB Associate Executive Director for Field and Equity Services and IASB Executive Director Thomas E. Bertrand, Ph.D., had a conversation about the catalyst for the Association’s equity efforts and what is next for school districts pursuing excellence in equity.