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The Association offers its members learning opportunities through online courses and webinars. You are a few clicks away from a wealth of knowledge about board work and current education topics and trends. 

Online Courses are offered to satisfy state-mandated training requirements and to build your essential knowledge and skills of board work. Registration for Online Courses is required, and course fees may apply.

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IASB offers webinars throughout the year to inform on a range of topics, from policy and legal issues to current education topics and trends to leadership best practices. Webinars are presented live and most are archived for later on-demand viewing. Archived Webinars are offered free to IASB members as a benefit of membership. 

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New Board Member Online Training Bundle

This online training offering includes three courses produced by IASB exclusively for new board members, while also meeting state mandated training requirements for newly seated school board members. Register for the New Board Member Online Training Bundle.

Upcoming Webinars

  • 06/06/2024

    Welcoming Your New Superintendent: The Board's Role 06/06/2024

    You've hired a new superintendent, now what? The transition from one superintendent to the next plays a big part in the success of the new superintendent and the newly created board/superintendent team. Join Vic Zimmerman, IASB Executive Searches and IASA Field Services Director; and Lori Grant, leader of IASB’s Board Development team, to learn how to set your new superintendent up for success.
  • 06/07/2024

    Advocacy Ambassador Monthly Meeting 06/07/2024

    We invite our Advocacy Ambassadors to attend our monthly meeting.
  • 06/13/2024

    PRESS and PRESS Plus Issue 115: Soaking Up the Summer Updates 06/13/2024

  • 07/25/2024

    Identifying, Recruiting, and Mentoring Future School Board Members 07/25/2024

    A responsibility of every current school board is to ensure future boards are ready to lead, so the work of governing education in your community is achieved with continuity and effectiveness. Identifying, recruiting, and mentoring future board members is an important part of the board’s work.

Open Meetings Act Reminder: For those boards that choose to attend IASB’s online training together in-person or virtually, a reminder that the Open Meetings Act (5 ILCS 120/) requires school boards to discuss district business only at properly noticed board meetings. Other than during a properly noticed board meeting, a majority or more of a Board-quorum may not engage in contemporaneous interactive communication to discuss district business during any training or other event, whether in person or electronically.