IASB Legislative Report 103-19

Delivered via email: May 23, 2023

Budget Picture Uncertain, Important Education Measures Heading to Governor

As discussed in IASB Report 103-18, the Illinois General Assembly has missed their original adjournment date of May 19. While there was nothing legally significant about May 19, the lack of a state budget past the scheduled adjournment date shows there is still a good deal of work to be done to finalize a spending plan for Fiscal Year 2024. One of the key areas of disagreement appears to be over a healthcare plan for immigrants that may cost $200 million or $1.1 billion, depending on enrollment numbers. The Illinois Senate and House will both be back in Springfield May 24, but there are no committees currently scheduled. We will keep you updated on the budget situation as it develops.  

No state budget does not mean that the Illinois General Assembly was not busy. Dozens of bills impacting schools are now headed to the Governor after passing both chambers. A few of those bills are:  

HB0300 (Stuart, D-Collinsville) Teacher Minimum Salary 

HB1633 (West, D-Rockford) School Code Native American History 

HB2471 (West, D-Rockford) School Breakfast/Lunch Supplemental Aid 

HB3570 (Dias, D-Grayslake) School Code Teacher Evaluation Data 

HB3924 (Rohr, D-Naperville) School Code Fentanyl Education 

HB2147 (Rohr, D-Naperville) Pension Code Teachers and Reciprocal Act 

HB2392 (Scherer, D-Decatur) School Code Last Teacher Evaluation 

HB2447 (Avelar, D-Romeoville) Open Meetings School Events 

HB3428 (Blair-Sherlock, D-Villa Park) School Code Opioid Antagonist 

HB3690 (Mussman, D-Schaumburg) School Code Employee Training 

HB3814 (Harper, D-Chicago) School Code FFA/4H Absences 

SB0074 (Peters, D-Chicago) Property Tax Installment Payments 

SB1352 (Lightford, D-Hillside) School Code Teacher Resignation 

SB1446 (Hilton, D-Oakbrook) School Code Dress Code Policy 

SB1488 (Bennett, R-Morris) School Code Educator Testing 

SB1872 (Lightford, D-Hillside) School Code Teacher Tenure/3 Years 

SB1993 (Cappel, D-Crest Hill) School Code Local Assessment Notice 

SB1994 (Cappel, D-Crest Hill) School Code Cash and Funds 

SB2039 (Pacione-Zayas, D-Chicago) School Code IEP Meeting PUNs List 

SB2243 (Lightford, D-Hillside) School Code State Literacy Plan