IASB Legislative Report 103-14

Delivered via email: April 21, 2023

First Week Back from Break Shows Limited Action

Two tenure bills were scheduled in the Senate Education Committee this week. IASB sent a Call-to-Action asking members to fill out witness slips in opposition. We appreciate those of you who did. Your voice does matter in this process. Neither of the two bills were called for a vote in Committee but with a deadline extension until April 28, there is still a chance they could move next week.
SB 1352 (Lightford, D-Hillside) would require school districts to provide notice to any tenured teacher who resigns less than 30 days before the start of the school year that the teacher had been referred to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for license revocation. The bill also establishes various timelines for ISBE to communicate the decision on revocation.
SB 1872 (Lightford, D-Hillside) would impact current teacher tenure law the most by lowering the number of years for a teacher to be granted tenure from four years to three.  While IASB has not previously slipped in opposition due to good faith negotiations that were taking place, it now appears the best way to move forward is to pause the discussion of changes to the process until the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council has completed a review of the evaluation system. 

Committee and floor action continue next week as bills are crossing over to the second chamber. Amendments to bills come into play often late in the game, as well as shell bills or technical bills. IASB monitors Rules Reports daily to stay ahead of any last-minute changes.  

Senate Education Bills Week of April 24

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