IASB Legislative Report 103-13

Delivered via email: April 14, 2023

General Assembly Begins Final Push to Adjournment

The Illinois General Assembly will be back in session Tuesday, April 18 and will be in session every week until the scheduled adjournment date of May 19. In most years, the General Assembly would set an adjournment date of May 31 as that was the last day to pass bills with a simple majority. However, with a supermajority of Democrats in both the House and Senate, the May 31 deadline is less significant. Last year, the Illinois General Assembly adjourned April 8.

While most bills that will be considered in the next month have already transitioned to the second chamber, there are still some bills that will have to be acted on by the chamber in which they originated. One of those bills, Senate Bill 1872 (Lightford, D-Hillside) would allow teachers to receive tenure in three years instead of four. SB 1872 is scheduled to be heard Tuesday, April 18 in the Senate Education committee.

IASB recently sent a notice to all school districts about the Association’s 2023 Resolutions Process. The Resolutions Process determines the positions IASB takes on legislation in the Capitol. You can learn more about the Resolutions Process on the IASB website

Be on the lookout for a new Advocacy link on the IASB webpage. There will be opportunities in the coming weeks to advocate on behalf of Illinois boards of education. When you communicate how legislation affects your local districts, legislators listen!

Senate Education Bills Week of April 17

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House Education Bills Week of April 17

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