Front Page: Perhaps Hope

By Theresa Kelly Gegen

If you’re reading this, chances are, you made it through the ridiculous Year 2020 and are moving into 2021 with weariness, trepidation, and perhaps hope.
If you listened to the opening keynote of the IASB Virtual Summit, by writer, activist, and comedian Baratunde Thurston, you experienced perspective on the “moment” that 2020 was, filled with emotions, anger, realism, and perhaps hope.

It is with much gratitude that I share Bud Thompson’s letter below, reprinted with his permission. I hope you will join me in appreciation for his wisdom, understanding of a call for unity, and perhaps hope.

When you read, hear, or experience first-hand knowledge of what school districts in Illinois are doing for their students — you come to understand how challenging it is to make choices that impact lives and communities in an environment in which the decision points change daily. That can’t be done without teamwork, leadership, and perhaps hope.

2020 made us patient and nimble. We’ve experienced anxiety and loss. We see the silver linings. We’ve been challenged time and time again. Welcome 2021 — may it be better, and may we be better. May we find what we need to carry on: healing, resolve, and perhaps hope.

Theresa Kelly Gegen is Editor of the Illinois School Board Journal and can be reached at