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What is school board policy?

An effective policy manual contains written policies that:

  • articulate the community's expectations for the school district,
  • authorize the superintendent and staff to pursue those expectations,
  • describe the authority of the superintendent and staff,
  • provide information and guidance for students, parents and community,
  • ensure legal compliance, and
  • establish school board processes.

IASB Policy Services offers a variety of services that substantially enhance the ability of a school board to function effectively. Among those services are the following:

Policy Manual Customization
IASB policy consultants work with boards to develop a complete policy manual for their district. The manual will be based on the IASB Policy Reference Manual integrating the board's current policies and practices.

Administrative Procedures Project
An IASB policy consultant will work with district administrative staff to produce a procedures manual that implements board policy. This manual combines the district's current procedures with sample procedures, exhibits and forms available from IASB.

PRESS (Policy Reference Education Subscription Service)
Subscribers receive access to the Policy Reference Manual plus regular updates to keep the school district abreast of new legal requirements. Updates are available online. Log in HERE.

Download the flyer describing this service.

This full maintenance policy updating service, based on PRESS, IASB's sample updating service, helps districts to keep their policy manuals up to date with changes in law, regulations, and local conditions. For response forms, click here.

School Board Policies Online
Districts looking for a way to provide all school district constituents with immediate access to their most current policies can post their policies online. IASB provides direct links to the policy manuals of participating school boards.

BoardBook is a web-based software application that streamlines the preparation, distribution and publishing of agendas packets.

Policy Services Staff
Contact the IASB Policy Services staff in Lombard or Springfield by email or phone.


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