IASB has launched a new initiative to focus attention on the importance and value of public schools in Illinois. "Stand Up 4 Public Schools" invites local school districts to solicit and encourage public support for public education. This campaign includes video messages, wristbands and lapel pins. Logos and templates for signs are also available.
Program information and details for the 2014 Joint Annual Conference is available in the Conference Preview. This booklet includes titles, descriptions and time slots for all workshops and panel sessions, along with a master schedule and details about other conference events. Follow the links below for other important information for this year’s conference.
In this issue of the Journal, read about how average school administrator salaries in Illinois withstood the recession and survived - barely - cuts to state funding in the economically uncertain years that followed. Also, discover how an Illinois school district created a successful partnership for infrastructure improvements and delve into the history of federal challenges to school funding.
Find out about school finance referendums on the ballot in the upcoming Nov. 4 general election, and read about a new law that extends the moratorium on virtual charter schools for two more years. Other new laws concerning public schools are included, as well, along with a list of school board election materials now available online and Conference plans such as the Chicago Schools Tour. Coverage also includes: teacher strikes, school board election law revisions, and more.
Compiled each week during sessions of the General Assembly and as needed during off-session times, Alliance Legislative Reports summarize major legislative activities and bills of interest to school leaders. Read the latest ALR here (10/10/14).

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