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Historical Summary 1970-1979

1970 President: George H. Wirth, New Athens

Although some school officials disagree, the teacher shortage is over, according to an Illinois State University report, and by 1975 the nation can expect a surplus of 600,000 teachers.

The State of Illinois budget of $4.4 billion for 1969-70 includes $833 million for elementary and secondary education and $568 million for higher education. The highway appropriation amounts to $1.17 billion.

Student dress codes and hair length make headlines and federal court dockets.

Illinois School Board Journal wins national award as the best state school boards association magazine.

Illinois voters approve a new state Constitution, including an education article that calls for a state board of education.

1971 President: George H. Wirth, New Athens

"From the Boiler Room" by Gus makes its first appearance in the September-October issue of the Journal, which wins a national award as the best state school boards association magazine for the second year in a row. The Journal's Pathfinder Report predicts what education will be like in the year 2000.

IASB Executive Director B.B. Burgess presents school board views on the creation of a state board of education.

Famed NBC News commentator David Brinkley speaks at the Joint Annual Conference at The Sherman House, in Chicago.

1972 President: Edward C. Epstein, Crete-Monee

IASB develops a new package of negotiations services for its 1,000 member school districts.

The Illinois Education Association files suit against IASB in the Circuit Court of Sangamon County, alleging that IASB has been operating illegally over the past two decades and that it is providing illegal services to school boards. (The suit languishes in court, then dies quietly some years later.)

A nationwide drive to ban corporal punishment in schools is being met head-on by counter demands for stricter discipline. Many Illinois school boards have adopted policies that carefully regulate the use of physical punishment and some have abolished it altogether.

1973 President: Edward C. Epstein, Crete-Monee

Harold P. Seamon succeeds B.B. Burgess as executive director on July 1. He heads an executive staff of seven.

The state of California collects $850 million more in taxes than it needs, says Governor Reagan, and he wants to refund the money to taxpayers.

The Joint Annual Conference moves to the Chicago Palmer House and Art Linkletter addresses a packed house at the annual banquet.

NSBA begins a management study of IASB.

Project Communicate begins with the goal of having each IASB Board of Directors member visit one local board each month. Board of Directors agrees to study the provision of insurance programs for member districts. Legislative Committee considers ways to get grassroots involvement.

IASB participates in the first meeting of NSBA's Federal Relations Network in September in the nation's capital.

Subscription rate for the Journal is now $6.00 per year.

Major issues include: Implementing constitutional change to a state board of education from an elected chief state school officer; Collective bargaining legislation; Delegate Assembly enacts a resolution opposing mandated programs unless local boards are provided with dollars and regulatory authority.

1974 President: Myron Clark, Wheaton

A former president of the Minnesota School Boards Association, Myron Clark becomes the only person ever to serve as president of two different state school boards associations.

IASB membership dues income: $484,068 (rises to $1.7 million by 1994).

Board of Directors discusses IASB's legislative activities and how to make them more effective. Board meets with Governor Dan Walker.

Major legislative issue: hearing officers in tenured teacher dismissals.

Illinois Committee for Full Funding is formed to restore $70 million cut from the education budget.

IASB makes a presentation on the Association to the first members appointed to the new State Board of Education, who include IASB past-president Bob Jamieson.

Insurance Committee looks at a property-casualty program.

First IASB Leadership Conference for division directors and officers held.

IASB Board endorses NSBA's Direct Affiliate Program and Illinois becomes the leader in district participation.

IASB Committee reviews Constitution and Bylaws -- length of terms for directors is an issue for discussion.

Margaret Dinges becomes parliamentarian for Delegate Assembly, a function she fills every year through 1992.

1975 President: Myron Clark, Wheaton

Joseph Cronin named first appointed state superintendent of education, succeeding Michael Bakalis, the last elected superintendent of public instruction.

NSBA moves from Evanston, Illinois to Washington, D.C.

Another Committee for Full Funding is formed to restore $143 million cut from the education budget.

Mandatory collective bargaining bill is stopped in the Senate after passing the House.

Hearing officer for tenured teacher dismissal is enacted into law.

Running out of space, IASB rents another 600 square feet at Iles Park Place.

IASB Board adopts a Code of Conduct for school board members.

1976 President: G. Howard "Bud" Thompson, Prophetstown

IASB Board of Directors restructures Legislative Committee with membership based on legislative districts--a 59-member committee . . . decides on a goal for membership equity of one-half of one year's operating expenses . . . appoints a building committee . . . gives preliminary approval to establishment of the School Management Foundation of Illinois (SMFI) . . . approves restructuring the Tri-County Division into five separate divisions.

Carpentersville-Dundee school board proposes resolution to eliminate all IASB reserves (members' equity); resolution is defeated in Delegate Assembly.

Seniority dismissal when reducing staff passes General Assembly but is vetoed by Governor Walker.

1977 President: G. Howard "Bud" Thompson, Prophetstown

School board public information campaign introduced with a focus on board candidates.

The School Management Foundation of Illinois (SMFI) is incorporated to provide school districts with labor relations assistance and other contractual services.

Board of Directors approves the Safety Group Insurance Trust.

Leadership Conference discusses terms of directors (among other things).

Representatives of IASB and State Board of Education look at SBE/local board relationships and agree on steps to improve channels of communication.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson speaks at the Joint Annual Conference.

State Board of Education issues Document No. 1, School District Recognition and Supervision Standards, and the Stephens Report on regionalization of educational services.

Major issues: energy conservation and Constitutional amendment proposed to return to an elected state superintendent.

Governor Thompson appoints a commission--chaired by Jim Nowlan--to examine mandated programs.

A bill consolidating all elections passes and is signed into law.

1978 President: Jonathan Howe, Northbrook

IASB moves its northern region office from the Midland Hotel building in downtown Chicago to Janata Boulevard in Lombard. Following a series of regional workshops on superintendent evaluation, IASB publishes a handbook and workbook on Planned Appraisal of the Superintendent.

A major controversy erupts over an elected versus appointed state superintendent. IASB makes plans for a special Delegate Assembly on the subject. Other major issues are minimum competency testing and governance of the Illinois High School Association.

IASB Board sets a goal of a reserve fund equal to six months operating expenses.

Proposition 13 Task Force and Public Relations Task Force appointed by IASB President.

First (and last) Governor's Conference on Education is called by Governor James Thompson to address "declining student achievement and spiraling costs."

1979 President: Jonathan Howe, Northbrook

"Small Lobby Group" began -- IASB/IASA/IEA/IFT/SBE.

IASB Board endorses School Leaders Errors and Omissions Policy and approves creation of a health/ medical benefits program for member districts.

IASB holds a student art contest to select paintings for the NSBA office in Washington.

New law requires school boards to base staff reductions on seniority.

Governor Thompson vetoes Senate Bill 101 -- non-public school busing.

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