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Historical Summary 1960-1969

1960 President: Joseph Ackerman, Chicago

Approval of the Universities Bond Issue at a statewide referendum will enable the state to sell building bonds for higher education.

1961 President: Junius Califf, Rock Island

Popular ideas include the 12-month school year because it will "not be long" before Illinois schools are operating on such a schedule.

New concepts: Team teaching and merit salary policies for teachers.

1962 President: Junius Califf, Rock Island

Illinois School Board Journal changes from a pocket-size magazine to 8 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches. Subscription rate: $3.50 per year.

American Federation of Teachers states that the organization of teachers should be a top priority for the union movement. The union has a salary goal of a $6,000 minimum for teachers with bachelors degrees.

According to the School Market Report, Illinois ranks fourth nationally in the annual per capita expenditures for children attending school. Illinois schools spend an average of $399 per year per child.

1963 President: Reid R. Tombaugh, Pontiac

The American Civil Liberties Union releases a policy statement endorsing the right of teachers to strike . . . and maintains that where laws forbid strikes by teachers, teachers and their organizations are justified in taking all steps necessary to test their constitutionality and work for their repeal.

1964 President: Owen Marsh, Springfield

Major issue: teaching communism.

1965 President: Martin L. Cassell, Jr., Barrington

New idea: windowless classrooms.

More than 500,000 preschool children attend Head Start centers.

Six states enact laws giving organized teachers the right to negotiate with boards of education on questions of salary, working conditions and educational policy.

Massachusetts enacts the first state law requiring that funds be withheld from school districts with decided racial imbalance in schools.

Student agitation at the University of California, Berkeley, brings one of the world's largest and most famous centers of learning to the edge of collapse.

1966 President: Martin L. Cassell, Jr., Barrington

Location: 330 Iles Park Place, Springfield

Joseph Ackerman, Chicago, becomes president of the National School Boards Association.

1967 President: John Illyes, Palestine

Executive Director Robert Cole is appointed to represent the State Superintendent of Publication Instruction on the Education Commission of the States.

1968 President: John Illyes, Palestine

It is predicted that 30,000 children, whose mothers contracted German Measles during the 1963 epidemic, will enter school with severe handicaps ranging from blindness to mental retardation.

Albert Shanker, president of New York City's United Federation of Teachers, is fined $250 and sentenced to 15 days in jail and his union is fined $150,000 under the new state law banning strikes by public employees.

School authorities begin to introduce, expand and improve sex education programs on an ever-growing scale.

1969 President: Robert A. Jamieson, Peoria

On January 1, B.B. Burgess succeeds the retiring Robert Cole as executive director of IASB.

Problems are reported with the increasing abuse of drugs by secondary and elementary school children. Marijuana, heroine, LSD and household products used as inhalants are among the drugs of concern.

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