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Tax Cap Limitations

A 90-minute television program explaining implications of the property tax extension limitation law (tax cap) is available on videotape (VHS) from the Illinois Association of School Boards.

The program should be a useful tool for educating both voters and school leaders, especially in counties that have not yet adopted the cap. Featured speakers include analysts from the Illinois Department of Revenue and State Board of Education, as well as spokesmen from schools and other taxing bodies that have been affected by a tax cap.

IASB served as a co-sponsor of the interactive-television program broadcast from Western Illinois University via satellite on Wednesday, March 26. The Association has a small supply of video tapes of the 90-minute telecast now available for lending.

Anyone interested in borrowing a copy of the taped program can call Tammy Manley in the Publication Department (extension 1108) or send her a Fax at 217/528-2831. Be sure to indicate dates when the tape is needed and when it can be returned.

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