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Master Board Member Program

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and Master Board Member program

The Illinois Association of School Boards recognizes board members for the time and effort they devote to IASB leadership activities and service to the public education community. Points are earned by attending division meetings, governing meetings, legislative leadership programs as well as holding positions of leadership within the Association. A designated number of Master Board Member points are assigned to each event, activity, or position. In addition, the program recognizes the service and participation of school board members in NSBA activities and other events beyond their local districts. Master Board Members receive special recognition at IASB fall Division Dinner Meetings

The majority of Master Board Member points are earned and tracked through our event registration process under "My Account" at Members no longer need to complete paper forms to earn points. Master Board Member points are earned by attending the follow IASB events:

Event Points
Joint Annual Conference, Chicago 30
Delegate Assembly at JAC (voting) 5
Division Dinner or Breakfast Meetings 5
Division Governing Meeting 5
Serving as a Division Officer (including at-large) 10
Alliance Leadership Summit 20
JAC Panel Review Committee 5
Resolutions Committee 5
NSBA Annual Conference* 20
Panelist at NSBA* 15
NSBA Advocacy Institute* 25
Legislature/State Hearing* 5
ISBE Committee (serving as a member)* 5
Sponsor Program board* 5

*These events (beyond IASB) require self-reporting.   Self-reported points are submitted via “My Account” at Click “Education and Recognition” and complete the web-form “Add Self-Reported Points.” IASB staff will review and respond to your request within one week. Self-reported points need to be submitted by June 30th to be included in totals for recognition at fall Division Dinner Meetings.


Points are cumulative and individuals are recognized as they reach each level:

  • Level I: 60-129 points
  • Level II: 130-199 points
  • Master Board Member: 200 points
  • Master Board Member maintenance occurs by earning 40 additional points each year

Master Board Members are recognized at each level at their respective Fall Division Dinner meetings each year

Board members can access Master Board Member participation records by signing into “My Account” at and clicking “Education and Recognition.” Members who wish to “Opt In/Out” of the program may also do so online.

For more information on IASB recognition programs, click here.

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