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Mandatory Board Member Training

Illinois requires mandatory school board member training. IASB offers resources and training to help school board members understand and meet the necessary requirements.

The training chart identifies the statute and effective date, the training requirements, who must receive the training, the timeline for that training, and the professional development opportunities offered by IASB to fulfill the training requirement.

The sample policy exhibit 2:120-E2, can be adopted by local school boards. It states how districts should publicly report those board members who have successfully completed mandatory board training requirements.

Local districts can use this sample table to report board member training activity. This list should be updated as board members complete and submit their training activities to the board secretary.

IASB offers two online courses that satisfy mandatory training requirements. “Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT)” includes instruction in education and labor law, financial oversight and accountability, and fiduciary responsibilities. In addition, it includes training on Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) evaluations for school board members who will participate in a vote on a dismissal based upon the Optional Alternative Evaluation Dismissal Process. “Open Meetings Act Training” focuses specifically on the law as it applies to school board meetings and members.

New Board Member Workshops are designed to meet the needs of recently elected school board members. The training is offered as a one or two-day event at various locations throughout the state. Participants are able to complete their state-mandated board training on the first day, while day-two provides board members with essential information to fulfill their governance role.

For more information about training dates and registration, contact Peggy Goone at ext. 1103. For other questions relating to mandatory board member training, contact Bridget Trojan at ext. 1236.

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