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School Board LeaderShop Academy

School Board LeaderShop workshops address the Foundational Principles of Effective Governance as well as board-level leadership topics. The LeaderShop Academy promotes and recognizes board members who continuously learn by taking workshops within the program. The workshops are designed for both the veteran board member looking for district improvement and the new board member eager to understand basic roles and responsibilities.

School Board LeaderShop offerings are available each year as Pre-Conference Workshops at the Joint Annual Conference, after each election cycle as a part of New Board Member Workshops, as division-wide events, or arranged for your board by contacting your field services director. Additionally, IASB’s Online Learning Center hosts several courses that earn credit toward the LeaderShop Academy.

Credits earned through the LeaderShop Academy vary by course with numerous “in-person” workshops earning one (1) credit. Many Online Learning Center courses earn one-quarter (1/4) credit. Please see each course description at registration to confirm LeaderShop credits.


Admission to the LeaderShop Academy requires completion of five School Board LeaderShop credits, including The Basics of Governance. Upon the completion of 12 credits (including the Basics of Governance), members will be recognized as LeaderShop Academy Fellows.

LeaderShop Academy Members and Fellows are recognized at each level at their respective Fall Division Dinner Meetings.

Board members can view their LeaderShop credit history and recognition records by signing into “My Account” at and clicking “Education and Recognition.” Members who wish to “Opt In/Out” of the program may also do so online.

For more information about School Board LeaderShop contact your field services director or the IASB Board Development office at ext. 1103.

For additional information on the IASB Recognition programs, click here.


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