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Resources for Interested Citizens

Here are some publications about public school governance that may be of interest to many other members of the community in addition to the school board. School officials, organizational leaders and other citizens should feel free to print and distribute these publications, subject only to the following restrictions.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE-- All publications in this directory are copyrighted © by the Illinois Association of School Boards. IASB hereby grants to school districts and other Internet users the right to download, print and reproduce these publications provided that:

  1. the Illinois Association of School Boards is noted as publisher and copyright holder of the materials, and
  2. (b) reproduced materials are disseminated without charge and not used for any commercial purpose.


Your School Board + You -- Booklet provides insights into the roles and responsibilities of school boards for candidates and other interested citizens. Reviews legal qualifications and election procedures. Urges support for local school boards. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat reader.)

Code of Conduct for Members of School Boards -- Statement adopted by the IASB Board of Directors (1976) espouses high ethical standards for boards of education and individual board members. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat reader.)

Foundational Principles of Effective School Governance -- Six principles that describe the work of school boards. (PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat reader.)
For a text version of the Foundational Principles (with pop-up definitions for key terms), click here.


Understanding School Finance -- Booklet answers 12 essential questions about the basics of school finance, from "What is a school district budget?" to "What do we get for the money we spend on education?" PDF version available online.

Playing Fair with the Children of Illinois -- Booklet challenges parents and taxpayers to determine for themselves whether their schools are adequately and equitably funded and to seek solutions through more local effort or more state aid. Discusses impact of staffing and program needs, property wealth and tax rates. PDF version available online.

Where Does the Lottery Money Go? -- Flier presents questions and answers about the Illinois lottery and its very limited impact on public school funding. Shows the decline in the state's commitment to schools since advent of the lottery. PDF version available online.

Tax Cap Limitations -- A video taped presentation of the effects on government services you can expect from the Property Tax Limitation Law. (Learn where to borrow a copy of the video.)


Closing the Communications Gap, Part I -- Why School Boards Won't Tell You the Reasons for Employee Discipline or Dismissal

Closing the Communications Gap, Part II -- Some Appropriate Roles in Hiring a New Superintendent

School Board Member Turnover -- Historical comparisons of turnover at Illinois school board elections

IASB Publications Catalog. Describes books, reports and periodicals available from IASB, along with member and non-member prices and ordering information. Hard copy available. An on-line alternative: Visit the IASB Bookstore.

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