September/October 2016

Dean Langdon, IASB associate executive director for Board Development/TAG, answers the question for in this issue of the Journal.

Question: What's the difference between IASB's Master Board Member Program and LeaderShop Academy?

Answer: IASB offers many education programs and workshops to help school board members fulfill their responsibilities to their communities, which is why we have recognition programs associated with these efforts. A recent update to the definitions of these programs offers the opportunity to clarify the difference between the “Master Board Member” program and “ LeaderShop Academy.”

The Master Board Member program is how IASB recognizes and honors school board members for the time and effort they devote to Association and leadership activities. Furthermore, Master Board Member activities are a means to achieving the Association’s vision of excellence in local school board governance supporting quality public education.

The program recognizes board members who engage in IASB activities beyond their local districts, through attendance at events and leadership functions. Within IASB, these include fall and spring Division Meetings, Division Governing Meetings, legislative meetings, and serving as a division officer or director. Additionally, Master Board Member designations can count participation in other national and statewide events, such as with NSBA, ISBE, state or federal government hearings, and at the Joint Annual Conference. Points are calculated automatically in IASB’s database through the event registration process.

The LeaderShop Academy program recognizes board members’ efforts towards continuous learning by participating in specific LeaderShop designated workshops. LeaderShop offers a curriculum of programs that focus on effective governance and board-level leadership topics, such as basics of school governance, detecting a compelling vision, board-superintendent relationships, superintendent evaluation, effective meetings, and much more. As board members work their way through the School Board LeaderShop curriculum, they earn and maintain membership in the Academy.

LeaderShop can include statewide events, such as the Pre-Conference Workshops ,   and specific regional, in-district, or online courses and workshops. Membership in the Academy includes an invitation to a special biennial Academy Symposium. The Symposium, held in odd-numbered years, features special presentations on current education governance issues.

IASB’s new member database system will allow members to submit and check their progress and keep track of their status for both the Master Board Member program and LeaderShop Academy. Members needing assistance accessing their individual accounts can visit or call 217/528-9688, ext. 1100.