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Current ability only allows for us to embed a YouTube video, or a static image. This can be included or hidden on pages. Unde porro quibusdam voluptas ullam consequuntur neque maiores accusamus. Voluptas ducimus tempore numquam. Blanditiis eius qui incidunt voluptatibus vel delectus ea obcaecati cupiditate doloremque sit? Mollitia nostrum suscipit provident. Nihil.

Here is an example of the Repeater Container widget ... we set how many columns wide this would span (I don't think we'd want more than 4). Currently no ability to add content below the section header. No ability to add more rows. Descriptions would need to be very short, no additional styles (bold, paragraph breaks, etc.). 

Videos and Upcoming Virtual Events

Below shows the our existing News filter ... but something could be created like this for Online Learning Courses and Webinars. We would need to determine 1) Categories to filter 2) Other than description and link, are there other required fields we would want (length/duration, date created). The link would go to a new page where the video can be viewed, and additional material available.  We could cross-reference additional resources, link to other relevant information ... possibilities for more dynamic content with more programming. We have the ability to determine how many items are listed within the first "page". Right now it is set at 5. 

  • IASB Legislative Report 101-27

    IASB Legislative Report 101-27

    Read about the mini-session just concluded and the opening of the 102nd General Assembly.
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  •  IASB Legislative Report 101-26

    IASB Legislative Report 101-26

    The Illinois General Assembly has sent the education pillar of the Legislative Black Caucus social justice reform package to Governor Pritzker.
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  • 01/12/2021

    IASB, Illinois Press Association to Present Cole Award for 2020

    The Cole Award for best school board coverage is part of the IPA Best of the Press.
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  • Latest EO Effective through February 6

    Latest EO Effective through February 6

    The status quo regarding the Open Meetings Act an in-person attendance continues, with the possibility late this week of regional moves to Tier 2.
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  • IASB Legislative Report 101-25

    IASB Legislative Report 101-25

    The January 9 Legislative Report addresses changes to the education reform efforts.
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Here is an example of the Upcoming Webinars widget that is already built in our website CMS system. These events are added in netFORUM before going to Communications so we haven't maximized our ability to add thumbnail images. Currently no ability to add content below the section headers. Since this is already designed to pull from events created in NF, this in an option moving forward we could continue to use for "Events" that require NF registration/transaction.

Upcoming Virtual Events

  • 01/21/2021

    Trends in Collective Bargaining: Part One 01/21/2021

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  • 01/28/2021

    Beyond the Campaign: Welcoming New Board Members 01/28/2021

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  • 02/04/2021

    Trends in Collective Bargaining: Part Two 02/04/2021

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