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Illinois Energy Consortium

The Illinois Energy Consortium is a not-for-profit joint energy purchasing program sponsored by IASB, IASA and Illinois ASBO.   It is designed to lower utility costs for member school districts and community colleges and make funds available for technology, staff development and educational goals. Since its inception in 1999, the consortium has generated millions of dollars in savings for Illinois education in both its electric and natural gas programs and is a ready-resource to provide answers and solutions to its members.

The Illinois Energy Consortium Electric Program Administrator is NextEra Energy Services and is responsible for all daily operations. Before a member commits to participation, NextEra can perform a full Budget Projection, based on historical usage and current IEC supply costs. For more information, districts should contact the NextEra support center at 866-482-4392.

IEC also has three natural gas purchasing strategies administered by Constellation Energy:

  • The “managed program,” a hands-off, minimal involvement program;
  • The “spot pool program,” where district needs float with the IEC spot pool price;
  • The “customized portfolio program,” where districts design their own energy purchasing strategy.

Districts with questions about the natural gas purchasing program should contact Glen Grimm at 630-657-4455.

For more information about IEC’s Electric or Natural Gas Programs, contact Ron Steigerwald at 847-567-3051 or email him at: .

For more information on this service, please visit the Consortium’s website here .

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