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Illinois Schools Employee Benefits Consortium

IASB, IASA, and Illinois ASBO have developed the Illinois Schools Employee Benefits Consortium (ISEBC) that includes a proprietary fully insured, comprehensive group health insurance plan that offers member school districts the opportunity to provide employees health benefits at affordable prices.

UnitedHealthcare®, one of the nation's leading benefits providers, underwrites this program. The customizable benefits package includes: cafeteria plan and flexibility with deductibles and coverage; dental and vision coverage; out of state coverage; life insurance; early retirement option; and other specialized services. The ISEBC program is Health Care Reform compliant and offers COBRA Administration. There is no exit fee if a school district decides to withdraw from the program.

For more information, districts are directed to contact Stan Travelstead at or Jeremy Travelstead at, or call 877-698-2247.

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