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Insurance Pools Sponsored by IASB

Over the years, the Illinois Association of School Boards has created independent programs to offer services to school boards which the Association itself cannot provide. Most of these programs are now governed by non-profit boards made up of school board members and administrators. Governing boards employ industry experts to administer and market IASB-sponsored services to school districts.

Insurance programs sponsored by IASB include Workers' Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) and Property-Casualty Coverage through Illinois School District Agency (ISDA). Both the WCSIT and ISDA programs are designed specifically for Illinois school districts by school districts. Each pool is controlled by a board that is composed of Illinois school district administrators, school board members and business officials. Together, these school district representatives voice what their peers want in workers' compensation and property/casualty coverage.

Workers' Compensation Coverage
Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) was organized in 1982 to offer school boards an effective way to contain the cost of workers’ compensation coverage. Member districts may receive dividends on premiums by vote of the trust’s board, composed of local school board members and administrators.

Members of WCSIT are eligible to receive School Board Legal Liability coverage with limits up to $10 million. School district treasurer surety bonds and student accident coverage are also available to qualified members.

Loss control specialists throughout the state provide WCSIT members with various loss control services. The loss control specialists are available to work with member districts to establish working safety committees to empower school districts to proactively manage safety concerns.

For information about WCSIT, call 800-654-9504 or visit the WCSIT website at .

Property-Casualty Coverage

The Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) offers a full line of property casualty coverage for interested member districts. The pooled risk management program is governed by a board of regents composed of local school board members and administrators. The Illinois School District Agency (ISDA) provides property/casualty coverage to more than 150 school districts across Illinois.

In addition to receiving competitively priced property/casualty coverage, ISDA members receive specialized loss control services and access to low-cost property appraisals to assure proper insurance to value coverage.

For information about ISDA coverage, call 800-654-9504, or visit the ISDA website at

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