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2003 Surveys of School Board Members
and Superintendents

In February 2003 the Illinois Association of School Boards conducted in-depth surveys of both school board members and district superintendents in Illinois.

Download summary of 2003 School Board Member Survey Responses (Adobe pdf)

Download summary of 2003 Superintendent Survey Responses (Adobe pdf)

About the Surveys

IASB distributed a lengthy questionnaire to approximately 6,050 members of Illinois school boards. A separate questionnaire was distributed to about 865 district superintendents. Response rates were as follows:

2,008 board members responded, about 33 percent of the 6,050 total population;

444 district superintendents responded, about 51 percent of the 865 total population.

The Illinois School Board Member Survey consisted of 140 variables in the following general categories:

School District Characteristics
Demographics - Personal and Family Information
Internet Usage
School Board Experience
Sources of Disappointment
Perceptions of Board Performance
Board Processes
Board Service and Turnover
Rating the Superintendent
Rate Your District
Possible Improvements
No Child Left Behind and the Future
Foundational Principles
Workshops and Board Training
Division Meetings
IASB Publications
Delivery of Information
Calling on IASB Staff
Using IASB Services

The Illinois District Superintendent Survey consisted of 114 variables in the following general categories:

School District Characteristics
Superintendent Demographics
Experiences on the Job
Internet Usage
School Board Practices
School District Policies
Perceptions of School Board
School Board Turnover
School District Rating
No Child Left Behind
The Future
School Board Training
IASB Publications
Contacting IASB Staff
IASB Services
Delivery of Information

Thank You —IASB is grateful to the Western Illinois University Computer Center for assistance in tabulating responses from these surveys and to Max Pierson and Robert Hall, professors of Educational Administration at WIU, for their help in planning and conducting the surveys. For their help in identifying some key issues to cover in the surveys, IASB also thanks Mark Metzger, board member at Indian Prairie CUSD 204, and Craig Whitlock, superintendent at United Township HSD 30, in East Moline.

IASB also is indebted to the district superintendents in Illinois who helped with the distribution and collection of survey instruments. Thanks also to the school board members and superintendents who took the time to complete and return the lengthy surveys.

Copyright Information

The survey response summaries are copyrighted by the Illinois Association of School Boards. IASB hereby grants to school districts and other Internet users the right to download and print copies of these documents for their personal use, provided that (a) the Illinois Association of School Boards is noted as publisher and copyright holder and that (b) any such copies are not disseminated for charge or used for any commercial purpose.

Surveys of School Board Members and Superintendents



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