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June 13, 2012

The Illinois Association of School Boards has published an updated Twelfth Edition of its top-selling book, “Illinois School Law Survey.”

The book, updated bi-annually, is the most convenient way to access and cross-reference most school law issues. Its question-and-answer format allows readers to find answers to the most commonly-asked questions facing or posed by school superintendents, school boards and the general public.

Answers to nearly 1,600 questions are based on state and federal statutes and case law in force and reported as of Jan. 1, 2012, and administrative rules and regulations current as of Dec. 15, 2011. Reflecting extensive changes in the laws governing Illinois public schools, the Twelfth Edition:

  • is 30 pages longer than the 11th edition;
  • provides answers to 58 new questions;
  • contains extensive revisions to more than 170 questions and answers in response to changes in state and federal laws;
  • reflects the impact of 60 new court cases relevant to school law.

The book has several other key features that enable readers to find what they need quickly:

  • Table of Contents lists the broad topics covered in each chapter. In many cases, these topic headings lead directly to the desired information
  • Table of court cases arranged in alphabetical order by name of plaintiff. All court decisions cited are listed in the table with full legal reference
  • Quick Reference Index provides an extensive listing of subjects arranged alphabetically
  • CD “All in One Legal Reference” carries the entire text of the book’s 27 chapters, Table of Cases and Quick Reference Index – plus features the full text of most statutes, regulations and court decisions cited in the text. The CD runs with any standard Web browser on any PC or Apple Macintosh computer

The author, Brian A. Braun, has been an attorney with the firm of Miller, Tracy, Braun, Funk & Miller, Ltd., for 29 years. Prior to that, he worked for the Illinois Association of School Boards and was a language arts teacher.

Braun has lectured on school law and labor relations at Illinois colleges and universities and has served both the National Council of School Attorneys as a director and the Illinois Council of School Attorneys as chairman.  

“Illinois School Law Survey” is available from IASB Publications, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, IL 62703. Telephone 217/528-9688, extension 1108; fax 217/528-2831. Price is $45 ($35 for IASB members) plus $7 per order for shipping. The book also may be purchased through the Association’s online bookstore at:

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