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IASB Announces Newest Online Course
September 14, 2012

IASB has added another online course available to help board members satisfy new mandatory training requirements. “Open Meetings Act Training for Board Members” is the title of the newest course to be offered through the LeaderShop Online Learning Center.

The Center was opened in the fall of 2009 to address board members’ need to access training anytime, anywhere at an affordable cost. By offering training on the Internet in the comfort of a school leader’s home or district office, members are able to get continuing education after work, on the weekend, “or any other time you can spare a few minutes to view a lesson online,” said Angela Peifer, Associate Executive Director for IASB Board Development.

The new course will bring to six the number of self-paced, online courses available to IASB members. Tuition for the OMA course will be $30 for members and $60 for non-members. And, like the other online courses, it is eligible for both LeaderShop Academy and Master Board Member credit, she added.

Upon successful completion of the OMA training course, participants will be prompted to print a course certificate. This will link to a PDF document that can be downloaded and printed. The certificate should be signed and dated and submitted to the school district board secretary, in order to verify compliance with the statutory training requirement.

Open Meetings Act Training for Board Members” is one of two state-mandated courses that IASB has made available online. The other is “Professional Development Leadership Training for Board Members.”

IASB will continue to make OMA training available at New Board Member workshops and at the Joint Annual Conference. The online course is intended for those who are unable to attend live events or who just prefer the convenience, Peifer added.

Four other courses are also available online. They include:

  • Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure
  • School District Labor Relations: What Illinois Law Requires
  • Superintendent Evaluation
  • Media Relations

For more information about IASB's LeaderShop Online Learning Center, contact: , or Sandra Kwasa, board development director, at ext. 1213.

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