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IASB launches Members-Only website
December 3, 2008

The Illinois Association of School Boards is pleased to announce its latest online service, a Members-Only website that gives access to database information and supplements other member services with new interactive tools and features.

The secured site is password-protected and is available to board members, superintendents and board secretaries who have a member ID number that is contained within the IASB database.

The new website was launched and demonstrated at this year's 2008 Joint Annual Conference.

What are the benefits?

Members who visited the site found online content (news, calendar events, etc.,) tailored to their specific division as well as their personal records showing credits earned for the Master Board Member program (credits earned for meeting attendance, leadership activities, etc.) and the LeaderShop Academy program (core and elective workshop courses).

The Members-Only site is also where school districts can participate in surveys, such as board self-evaluations (BEIs) and board governance reviews (BGRs). Another special feature allows members to create a personal planner for the annual conference and gives them access to online handouts from selected conference panel sessions.

Other features of the site include division pages, an archive of Association board of director minutes, online feedback form, and links to IASB staff, calendar, and the public web site,

"We are pleased to provide the Members-Only site as another value-added member service," said Michael D. Johnson, IASB executive director. "We believe this service gives school board members better access to additional information they want and need."

Planning and development of the Members-Only site began shortly after IASB completed and launched a revised version of the public web site in 2007. The two sites will have very distinct purposes.

"Our general website will continue to be a valuable repository of information and resources for members, parents, public and media," added James Russell, interim associate executive director of communications. "The Members-Only site is intended to supplement our online presence with personal information and services customized for individual members."

How to access the site

Access to the site begins by locating the Members-Only URL. There are two ways to do this:

  • Go to the home page. In the upper left corner of the vertical blue navigation bar is a drop-down menu for logins. Click on the "IASB Members Only" link.
  • The other method is to type in the Members-Only URL address in the address or URL line of your browser. The address is (do not include "www" before this URL).

The next step is to register. This requires the member's seven-digit Member ID number and their last name. This number appears on the mailing label of all materials sent to IASB members, and begins with "2".

After completing this step, members need to set up an account with an email address and a password of their choosing. That's all there is to it. For anyone needing assistance with access, or with comments about the website, contact IASB's Communications department at ext. 1131 or send an email to

For help with navigating the site, there is a navigation guide on the Members-Only home page.

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