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Good School Maintenance book published
January 13, 2009

Good School Maintenance, Fourth Edition
Publisher: Illinois Association of School Boards, Service Associates
James B. Fritts, Senior Editor
ISBN 978-1880331-22-4
300 pages, soft cover; October 2008
$50 (IASB members, $40)

Good School Maintenance has been a bible for thousands of physical plant managers since it was first published by the Illinois Association of School Boards in 1976. Now IASB Service Associates have issued a Fourth Edition that is completely updated and expanded to address an even wider range of issues.

The 300-page book provides both programs and procedures for taking care of buildings, grounds and equipment. In addition, Good School Maintenance now provides guidance for policy makers and managers in planning and evaluating their maintenance efforts. The book is a product of dozens of subject-area experts whose work has been coordinated by Senior Editor James B. Fritts, the author of another IASB best-seller, Essentials of Illinois School Finance.

The unique structure of the manual encourages its use as:

  • a guide for management and supervisory staff in planning, conducting and evaluating maintenance programs;
  • a basic training tool in preparing new maintenance staff members and in updating the skills of existing staff; and
  • as a reference source for information on specific tasks and problems encountered in school sanitation and maintenance of everything from ventilation systems to shrubs.

The manual is divided into five sections that cover:

  • the basics of organizing programs for maintaining buildings, grounds and equipment, including the use of technology in controlling building operations and dealing with health, safety and environmental challenge;
  • cleaning programs and related custodial services for all areas of the school building, including specific procedures, safety and environmental concerns and a review of equipment and supplies;
  • programs for maintaining the building itself and all related equipment, including mechanical systems for heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical systems, and sewage treatment plants;
  • grounds management, including trees and shrubs, lawns, paving and athletic surfaces; and
  • an extensive appendix of management tools, including a lengthy set of guidelines and forms for conducting annual inspections. All forms in the appendix are designed to be copied and used, with or without modification.

The book concludes with an index arranged alphabetically by subject, a new feature with the Fourth Edition designed to help the user locate all relevant information on specific topics. The book is also drilled so that it can be inserted into a three-ring binder with other maintenance reference materials.

Good School Maintenance is available from IASB Publications, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, IL 62703. Telephone 217/528-9688, extension 1108; fax 217/528-2831. Price is $50 ($40 for IASB members).

The book also may be purchased through the Association's online bookstore at

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