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July 6, 2011

A newly revised edition of Coming to Order — A Guide to Successful School Board Meetings has been published.

This book is designed for boards that hope to use their meetings to reach a higher level of performance as well as those that simply need a cure for bad meetings. The book is newly revised in 2011 with language, policy and statutory updates.

Like previous editions, the latest version explains how to plan and conduct meetings that meet the needs of the individual school board. The newest version, however, takes the board meeting beyond compliance with legal requirements to meetings that serve the interests of both school and community.

The book, which is regularly used in educational administration classes and at school board workshops, targets both new and experienced board members and should be especially useful to board presidents, secretaries and superintendents.

The 94-page book includes 11 chapters, an extensive appendix and a comprehensive subject index. The chapters include the following topics:

  • The Importance of Good Meetings
  • The Agenda – A Road Map to Success
  • Legal Requirements for Meetings
  • Planning the Meeting
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conducting the Meeting
  • Recording the Meeting
  • Inviting the Public to the Meeting
  • Working with the News Media
  • The New Team: Reorganizing the School Board
  • Evaluating the School Board Meeting

Many of the chapters feature exhibits, sample policy or additional information on each subject. There are 10 appendices with documents, procedures, advice, and sample formats. The bibliography contains additional resources available from print or online sources.

Coming to Order – A Guide to Successful School Board Meetings is available from IASB Publications, 2921 Baker Drive, Springfield, IL, 62703. Telephone 217/528-9688, extension 1108; fax 217/528-2831. The price is $20 ($15 for IASB members), plus $5 per order for shipping. The book also may be purchased through the Association’s online bookstore.

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