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Administrative Procedures Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an administrative procedures manual project?

An IASB policy consultant will work with districts to develop a new, up-to-date administrative procedures manual to implement the board policy manual. This administrative procedures manual will be based upon the sample procedures contained in the IASB Policy Reference Manual and the district's current procedures and practices.

Who can benefit?

This service is available to districts that have recently completed an IASB Policy Manual Customization or a Policy Manual Update.

What is the process involved in an administrative procedures project?

The process may vary to meet individual district needs. Generally, it includes the following:

The district will

  • provide a contact person and/or a committee of administrative staff members to work with a policy consultant in the development of the administrative procedures manual; and
  • provide copies of any existing written administrative procedures.

The policy consultant will

  • develop and provide to the district a draft administrative procedures manual provided by the district and the IASB sample procedures, exhibits, and forms as found in the IASB Policy Reference Manual and customized for the district;
  • meet with the district committee in the district administrative offices to review and edit the draft administrative procedures manual; and
  • provide the district with one printed copy of a final administrative procedures manual and a digital version.

Use of PRESS, the IASB policy updating service, will enable the district to keep the manual current.

Does our district need an administrative procedures project?

Use the following checklist to help you decide.

The Administrative Procedures Manual

  • The district has available in its administrative offices a copy of an Administrative Procedures Manual implementing the Board Policy Manual.
  • The District Administrative Procedures Manual includes all procedures expressly required by current board policy, state or federal law, or regulation.
  • The manual includes all district-wide administrative procedures.
  • The manual is coded with an easily identifiable coding system.
  • The manual has an alphabetical index.
  • Each section of the manual has a table of contents.

Individual Procedures

  • Each procedure is clear and concise.
  • Each procedure is coded to correspond to the board policy it implements.
  • Effective dates are clearly stated at the end of each procedure.

What will it cost?
Costs can vary based on local district needs. Contact Lin Bremer, ext. 1232 or via email at, to obtain a price.

For further information about this service, contact a IASB Policy Services staff member.

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