IASB Member Boards Invited to Submit Proposals for the 2023 Resolutions Process 

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    May 2, 2023
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IASB member boards of education have been invited to submit resolutions for consideration by the 2023 IASB Delegate Assembly. Resolution forms and accompanying information were emailed to Association member districts in mid-April. A fillable submission form is available online. The deadline to submit new resolutions for consideration is June 22.  

IASB member districts may submit a “New Resolution” or an “Amendment” to a current position statement. It is requested that no more than three resolutions be submitted by the same district or group.  

The IASB Resolutions Committee, consisting of one elected member from each of the 21 Association divisions, will meet on August 4 to review the submitted proposals. Member districts that submitted resolutions are invited to present their proposal(s) and provide testimony to the Committee.  

According to the IASB Constitution, the Resolutions Committee has three options upon receiving a new resolution or amendment. The Committee can recommend “do adopt,” “do not adopt,” or “do not present.” A “do adopt” recommendation is taken to the Delegate Assembly floor for a vote. In the case of a “do not adopt” motion, the appeals process is activated and the submitting district may appeal the Resolutions Committee recommendation. If the IASB Resolutions Committee exercises the “do not present” motion, the resolution would not move forward and would not be subject to the appeals process. 

In September, a Resolutions Committee Report will be compiled and sent to all IASB member boards. The Report will include all submitted resolutions, the district rationale for the submitted proposals, and the Committee’s analysis and recommendation for each submission. 

The Delegate Assembly will be held November 18 at the Joint Annual Conference in Chicago. The outcomes of the Delegate Assembly determine the direction of the Association’s advocacy efforts and legislative priorities. Each IASB member school board is entitled to one voting delegate at the Assembly. 

Further information about the resolution process and a timeline of notable events leading up to the Delegate Assembly is available online.  

Questions about 2023 resolutions or the Delate Assembly should be directed to Alie Wagner at (217) 528-9688, ext. 1111.