IASB Constitution and Position Statements Updated 

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    January 30, 2023
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The IASB Constitution and Position Statements have been updated to reflect the votes of Association members during the 2022 Delegate Assembly. Outcomes from the Delegate Assembly help to determine the direction of the Association’s advocacy efforts on behalf of IASB member districts. IASB will mail the revised Constitution and Position Statements in February.  

One new Position Statement was added. Position 2.49, Fund Balances-Miller Ratio Adjustment, states: 

The Illinois Association of School Boards shall request that the Illinois legislature consider legislation barring claims for excessive accumulations when a school district’s Miller Ratio of amounts available to average annual expenditures is less than 3.0.  

In addition to the new IASB position, seven Position Statements were amended to reflect current priorities. Those positions include:   

  •     2.10 Capital Funding for School Construction  
  •     2.17 School Construction Grant Program 
  •     2.24 School Safety Grant Program  
  •     2.43 PTELL-Debt Service Extension Base  
  •     2.50 State and Local Federal Tax Deduction  
  •     6.02 Periodic Review of State and Federal Mandates  
  •     7.07 School Board Elections Non-Partisan   

The Delegate Assembly also removed outdated positions and other Position Statements that have been achieved through legislative approval. In addition to these changes, delegates approved that revisions to the IASB Constitution will require a 2/3 majority vote of delegates to pass future resolutions.  

Prior to the 2022 Delegate Assembly, the IASB Board of Directors adopted a set of Advocacy Core Values to guide the Associations advocacy agenda and ensure a strong, collective voice on the highest priority issues of Association members. 

An objective of IASB is “to aid and assist boards of education in performing their lawful functions and to promote, support, and advance the interest of public education in Illinois.” The Association operates within the framework of its Constitution and Position Statements to achieve its objectives.  

Full texts of the IASB Constitution and Position Statements are available online.