New School Laws for 2023 Now Available 

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    February 9, 2023
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A summary of new state laws enacted by the General Assembly in 2022 that impact Illinois public schools is now available online from the Illinois Association School Boards. New School Laws is intended to inform school leaders and public school advocates about new statutes and changes to existing laws. 

The publication includes a brief synopsis of 64 new public acts that are of importance to school districts across the state. These include: 

  • Regarding legislation to address the teacher shortage, new laws 

  • Allow substitute teaching applicants to be able to teach without a bachelor’s degree if they have earned 90 credit hours in an educator preparation program and are enrolled in an educator preparation program. 

  • Allow substitute teachers to teach up to 120 (instead of 90) school days for any one licensed teacher under contract in the same school year. 

  • Waive the $25 application fee for a Short-Term Substitute Teaching License when the governor has declared a disaster due to a public health emergency. 

  • Allow the reinstatement of a lapsed Professional Education License with the payment of a $50 penalty (rather than $500 penalty) and removing all registration fees for retired teachers returning to work.  

  • A new law exempts contracts for goods, services, or management in the operation of a school’s food service from contract bidding requirements. Other laws prevent the use of latex gloves when preparing or handling food and require school districts to provide a plant-based school lunch option to students who submit a prior request. 

  • School boards are required to adopt the Shared Services Report at an open meeting that allows for public comment and is posted to the school district’s website. 

  • Regarding school safety, exempts disclosure under FOIA of any threat assessment procedure under the School Safety Drill Act and any information contained in the procedure from inspection and copying. Also established were the Safe2HelpIL school safety tip line and additional penalties for failing to stop for or overtaking a school bus that is stopped and has displayed visual signals.  

  • A change to an election law provides that boards now have 40 days (instead of 28 days) after the consolidated election to organize by electing officers and establishing a time and place for regular meetings. 

Also included in this publication, where applicable, is Policy Reference Educational Subscription Service (PRESS) information regarding new legislation. If a new law is addressed in PRESS materials, the corresponding PRESS Policy or Procedure code number will follow the public act information. 

Stay up to date with current legislative action happening in Springfield through IASB Legislative Reports.