Listen & Speak: Journal Offers Insights on Discourse

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    September 7, 2022
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The September/October issue of the Illinois School Board Journal aims to improve conversations and offers encouragement and methods for school board members to lift their own voices and discover ways to better listen to the voices of others — students, peers, and the community.
Discover the process and product as CUSD 308 in Oswego creates opportunities for students’ voices to be heard through a Superintendent Student Advisory Committee that works with the administration and board of education to improve the district and to make it more inclusive and equitable for all students.
Catch the next wave in community engagement through roles, reflection, reach, and context. Discover “categories of connecting” as school districts rise to the challenges of a new level of engagement between the public, boards of education, and other entities.
Also, read about what’s at play with civil discourse and the board of education. These days, dialogue across differences can often be difficult to navigate. Civil discourse allows us to study a problem, examine for understanding the arguments on all sides, and discuss and deliberate to seek solutions.
Watch for the new Journal in your postal mailbox, see selected text items via the Journal section of the IASB website, or read the complete digital edition.